Integrated B2B eCommerce: 5 problems solved by a “smart“ B2B webshop

You have finally realized all the benefits of ecommerce in sales and decided to invest in a B2B web shop. But where to start? How to choose a system that will enable you to achieve sales goals and stand out among the competition?

We believe that you have quickly become aware that only having a B2B web shop doesn’t mean that you will start receiving orders through it immediately. Even if you have already invested in ecommerce and receive far less online orders then you hoped, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that B2B ecommerce isn’t for you, you just haven’t focused on the “right” things – the ones that bring better sales. You need an integrated B2B ecommerce system! Here’s why.

One of the biggest advantages of online wholesale is that the buyer has a better, clearer and faster insight into the offer. This makes it easier for the buyer to get to a product or services that he wants more easily. That’s why accurate information on product availability is one of the most important questions in a B2B web shop. That information, together with prices, rebate policies, available quantities or delivery details can be found in programmes called ERP systems.

An ERP system, like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, can become your secret weapon in B2B ecommerce. Why should this be important to you? If your offer isn’t a reflection of the actual condition of the inventory, you will quickly lose your online buyers.

An integrated B2B ecommerce automatically transfers all information from the ERP system in real time. That way, the buyer gets accurate, real-time information on the condition of the inventory. On the other hand, these systems make your life easier. Why? Information on inventory, storage, delivery and communication with clients – all become much, much simpler. Here are some other problems that an integrated B2B ecommerce is proven to deal with:

A “problematic” B2B ecommerce order; client cancels the purchase moments before paying

A buyer visits your B2B web shop, finds products he/she is searching for, puts them in the web shop cart and then cancels the purchase just before paying. Sounds familiar? You are probably heartbroken when you think of all potential purchases that ended up like this and the profit that slipped through your fingers.

You can find comfort in the fact that you are not the only one this has happened to. It’s actually quite the opposite. Data shows that almost 80% of potential ecommerce purchases ends “infamously” like this. So, four out of five purchases will result in this ecommerce “limbo”, instead of bringing you profit. You think there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it?

Of course, you will never be able to completely get rid of such “half orders”, but the good thing is that there is a way to significantly decrease their number. How? By optimizing the buying process!

B2B ecommerce buyers want a simple catalogue overview and fast, efficient and personalized buying. Then give them exactly that! An integrated B2B ecommerce system enables the client tracking offers, clear details of all created orders, detailed information on prices and updated calculations of various tax rates, downloading catalogues and printing necessary documents; at any time, wherever they may be.

When a buyer gets all this information, his B2B ecommerce order has no unknowns and unexpected costs, which are precisely reasons why buyers often cancel orders in the last moment.

Also, an integrated B2B ecommerce offers detailed analytics of buyer movement in the B2B web shop, which will enable you to recognize any shortcomings before it becomes a problem that would cause them to cancel the order.

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Buyers examine offers in a B2B web shop, but then order through other sales channels

You have organised and clear product catalogues in B2B ecommerce. You have put precise dates, concise and clear product information that the client might want and rounded it up with attractive, high quality photos. A textbook example of a well presented product in a B2B web shop, isn’t it?

And what happens then? Clients looks through all this displayed information on products, finds exactly what they are looking for and then creates an order via e-mail, phone or even fax. So what is the problem here?

There are several possible answers to this question. A part of those clients has trouble of getting rid of “old habits” and simply can’t switch their mind-set to the “online channel”. In that case, you have to learn more about the expectations of your clients and how to present them a B2B web shop as the right solution.

On the other hand, maybe your buyer is used to getting better buying terms with a sales representative. Regardless if the reason is outdated web shop prices or the fact that you didn’t offer a discount for online shopping, the B2B ecommerce order remains unfinished if the buyer sees it as a more expensive option. What is the solution?

Offer your clients the possibility of paying online or a special discount for buying in B2B ecommerce. How? The integrated B2B ecommerce deals with these issues easily. Considering that it shows prices directly from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the price is always the same regardless if the client created a web order or talked directly to the sales representative.

With the integrated B2B ecommerce you also have the option of a live chat with a client, who then gets a completely personalised approach in real-time and quick answers to all the questions they may have.

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You are failing to display updated and accurate prices in the B2B web shop

If your offer includes huge catalogues with many products whose prices are susceptible to frequent corrections, this problem can become a real nightmare. How many days have you wasted up to now manually doing these corrections?

Updating prices in a B2B web shop doesn’t necessarily have to give you a headache, and here’s how. An integrated B2B ecommerce uses the ERP system as a base where all your information is already located. This means that you get a 100% accurate data in two systems, and your buyers get a unique experience of ordering via ecommerce.

All changes made in the ERP system are immediately visible in the integrated B2B ecommerce. That way, you are saving time and your buyers get accurate information on products 24 hours a day.

You wonder how to maintain security of a B2B web shop

You are aware that your clients get a much better service in a B2B web shop. Lot of quality information on products are available to them and the whole process of ordering and buying products has become easier and faster. Still, you are worried about online security in B2B ecommerce. What if hackers get classified information that are in your client base?

B2B companies fear this scenario especially, because their business success is built exactly on long-term relationships they have with their clients. Clients’ trust is something you mustn’t take chances with in B2B ecommerce.

Unfortunately, cybercrime constantly finds new ways of operating and that is why it is always necessary to be very cautious when it comes to online security. This especially refers to the integrated B2B ecommerce based on the ERP system. So always check which security measures are involved in the integrated B2B web shop, so information on your clients are protected at all times.

You want a better appearance of the B2B ecommerce

First impressions are very important in ecommerce. You have outdated graphics, page breaks that don’t work on smartphones or visuals that have nothing to do with your corporative identity? All of these make your B2B web shop unappealing and even repulsive to buyers. You should never make compromises with visual content.

A good ecommerce system has to therefore offer a strong, responsive design which you can easily adjust to your brand. Even regarding wholesale.

That way, an integrated B2B ecommerce enables your clients a phenomenal, personalised shopping experience, whether they are going through your visual content or detailed information on products they are interested in.

The integrated B2B ecommerce will not only deal with these problems, but it will also help you to learn more about the behaviour of your buyers, recognize the most sought products and the most profitable buyers.

Such systems will also provide you with information on clients’ needs and average values of their orders. All this data becomes a powerful tool for providing the best possible service for your clients and creating the best experience of creating online orders.

You want to know how to do it in the simplest way? Contact us today to be presented with the best solutions for pleased online buyers and a successful B2B web shop.