Easy browsing through complex catalogues with HECTA B2B eCommerce

Buyers want clear and visible online stores easy to use, which is exactly what HECTA offers. HECTA B2B eCommerce system makes your supply and products very clear and descriptive. Buyers can quickly and easily find products without wasting time.



ecommerce   Simply start Your online sales

Create a product catalogue in the B2B eCommerce system using classifications and categorizations already stored in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

   Install multiple B2B eCommerce systems

You need multiple B2B systems? You want an individual web shop for each region? Not to worry, HECTA enables sorting of multiple B2B eCommerce systems based on multiple companies.

  Easy catalogue browsing

HECTA B2B eCommerce system significantly saves Your buyers’ time. Buyers can easily find required articles using available filters which have been defined in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. Searching for a product can be additionally expanded using external data sources, according to clients’ wishes.

   A unique product offer

Purchase of complex products becomes easy with HECTA. Our B2B eCommerce system makes combining particular articles into a single article easier.


   Don’t worry about credit limits

HECTA monitors available credit limits and accrued claims, and holds the sale if limits have been exceeded.

   A picture is worth a thousand words

HECTA displays product images stored in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system and enables adding more images for a single product.


Updated data in real time with HECTA B2B eCommerce

As the only 100% integrated eCommerce system, HECTA provides buyers an insight into real time data recorded in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. The result? Optimal business activity and better sales results with minimum effort on your part.



  Be available 24/7

Enable your buyers the ability to create orders anywhere and anytime, by signing in into the unique B2B eCommerce portal.

  Manage data in real time

HECTA uses the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system as a basis for its entire business logic. Considering that all orders or price and assortment changes are instantly visible on the web page and in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. HECTA provides accurate data in two business systems without the possibility of unnecessarily creating double data.

  Display stock condition in real time

HECTA checks the actual stock condition directly in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system during the order placement. This makes it impossible for the buyer to place an order for a product that is out of stock. Stock condition in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is constantly updated upon each new order placement.

Offer accurate information on date of availability of an item

Besides the currently available quantity of items, HECTA takes quantities in the supplies and sales into consideration when calculating the expected date of delivery. That way it gives you accurate information on availability.

   Communicate with Your customers

HECTA offers the possibility of adding comments with each order and a Live chat. Your buyers will  have the most pleasant online shopping experience possible. This personalized approach enables you to answer all your clients’ questions as soon as possible.


   Offer related products

If a desired product is out of stock, or you would like to offer additional equipment, HECTA displays alternative related items.



Complex pricing policies become simple with HECTA B2B eCommerce


Market conditions, customer needs and competitors’ offers all affect setting prices. HECTA can help you decrease the effect that complexity of pricing policies has on the client user experience while ordering online. From invoice discounts to specific prices for a particular buyer, HECTA uses all available price parameters defined in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. The result is the best price possible for web buyers.



price information  Ensure unique price information

HECTA displays prices directly from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. The price of the product is the same, whether the buyers made a web order or talked directly with the sales representatives


special price  Offer a special online price for clients

Reward Your customers for ordering online via the HECTA system by granting additional discounts specifically for online orders.

accurate discount   Display information on current discounts

HECTA always displays accurate discount information because it uses a discount logic defined in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. It automatically shows all discounts generated in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


quantity discounts  Enable quantity discounts

HECTA enables using quantity discounts and defining special prices in accordance with MD NAV system rules and provides buyers with information on benefits of buying larger quantities.

BVAT calculations  Ensure prompt VAT calculations

As a completely integrated B2B eCommerce solution, HECTA displays accurate VAT calculations in real time, regardless of the type of customer.

The best experience of placing orders online with HECTA B2B eCommerce

Today’s online buyers demand much more than just an attractive web shop. Clients also demand an excellent experience when placing and processing their orders. That’s why online shopping has to be simple and a web shop needs to become a place where You can really connect with Your customers.

You get the best feedback on what clients really want by openly communicating with them which is exactly what HECTA ensures. This results in a better service and a better user experience.



complete integration  Ensure order accuracy

Complete integration of the HECTA system and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system means that orders are processed immediately, not during synchronization.



payment terms   Offer personalized payment terms

HECTA uses the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system’s logic to determine the payment terms and options available to your customers.


accurate billing   Display calculations in real time

Provide your customers with a detailed overview of the total order. HECTA has a transparent and accurate billing process which increases the number of orders and decreases your workload.


transparent offers   Enable even more transparent offer creation

Using the HECTA B2B eCommerce system, your customers can request online offers that are immediately visible in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. There they can be modified, added on or accepted and each modification is immediately visible to customers.


delivery to multiple addresses   Use multiple delivery addresses

Your customers have the possibility of delivery to multiple addresses, and shipping and delivery terms will adjust automatically.


   Simplify the cost of delivery

All the calculations of the cost of delivery are done within the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, while HECTA system automatically displays them online.

tatus tracking   Inform your customers

Microsoft Dynamics NAV manages the order status tracking automatically while HECTA displays this information online, in real time.


   Edit orders even after placing them

Orders can be edited at any time. Adjustments like adding on or removing items, changes in quantity and in price can be done in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.  Those changes are automatically visible online.


order copies   Enable order copies

Your customers can copy previously made orders, even the ones that were made in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.


  Make order tracking easy

Offer your customers the possibility of easy tracking of the entire order process – from the offer, through order placement, to the invoice. All documents are available and can be printed.




Always 100% customer-oriented

Satisfied customers are a pillar of successful business. But how to achieve that? By using a personalized approach which strengthens Your clients’ trust.

HECTA can help you by using data already stored in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. HECTA adapt the content of your web shop to accommodate your clients and their wishes.



PRODUCT SEARCH   Make product search easier

Provide your clients with an easier product search in the available catalogues in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Through complete integration of both systems, the catalogues personalized for every customer are available both in the HECTA B2B and the eCommerce solution.


CUSTOMER INFORMATION   Manage customer information efficiently

Microsoft Dynamics NAV contains all relevant information about your customers, and HECTA is smart enough to use that data. This results in an entirely automated customer information management.


  Simplify the administration

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV  provides users with various sales and balance reports, as well as documents like delivery notes and invoices. Clients can easily download these documents in the HECTA solution.


  Offer online payment methods

HECTA offers the possibility of paying online via the secure Payment Gateway system, with real-time security checks, while high-risk transactions are automatically refused.


e mail marketing   Improve your e-mail marketing

Use available data in order to modify e-mail to suit specific customer interests and needs.


  Learn more about your clients’ behavior

With the HECTA B2B eCommerce you can recognize popular items and the most profitable buyers. Our solution enables information on clients’ behavior, their preferences and average order value.

  Utilize user activity logs


Track all transactions using a log which offers detailed information on users’ activities and uses them to provide the best service possible for your clients.