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When using our websites, we or third parties use cookies to provide the best possible website functioning and to collect various useful information that we use to improve our website functionality and services. View this policy to learn the basic information on cookies, which functions they perform and what are your options regarding their use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your web browser or computer/device by web servers. They are used to ensure a proper and/or more efficient website functioning, but also to gather various information for website owners. The use of cookies is very widespread today and it is common in almost all websites. You can learn more about cookies here.

Cookies usually don’t contain any information that personally identify the user of the site, but information stored in cookies and/or acquired by using cookies can be linked with personal information that websites usually store.

If you don’t feel safe when using cookies, you can manage them through options in your web browser, including removing cookies by deleting them from search history (cache) after you leave the site. More information on managing cookies can be found here.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be generally classified according to their functionalities.

Necessary cookies” are essential for website functioning and they enable the visitor to move around the website and use its features (e.g. access to secure areas of the website).

Performance (statistical) cookies” collect statistical data on websites for website owners, mostly for measuring performance and improving how a website works. They collect information about how You use a website (e.g. information on websites you visit and errors on those sites, how fast does a website load etc.); they don’t collect information that could identify You.

Functionality cookies” allow the websites to remember choices You make when using a website (e.g. changes in font size, site personalization etc.) or are used for various additional services functioning such as leaving comments on blog posts or forums.

Advertising cookies” are used to choose adverts more relevant to You and Your interests. These cookies track Your visits to particular web locations and share that information with other organisations (website owners and advertisers).

Duration of cookies

Every cookie has a built in mechanism that determines how long will a cookie stay in your browser. “Temporary (session) cookies” stay in your browser only during your visit (session) to a website and are destroyed after you leave.

Persistent cookies” stay in your browser after you leave the website and the duration of their stay (hours, days, years) depend on the duration expectancy built in into each individual cookie. Persistent cookies can be used for instance to store data that is given when signing up for a service (so a visitor doesn’t have to sign up every time). They are also used to track visitor behaviour on the website in order to have a better understanding from the collected data of what visitors like and don’t like, which enables website owners to improve website functionality. Regardless of the built in duration expectancy, you can delete every cookie yourself at any moment.

Using cookies on

The following table describes the ways and purposes for which cookies are used on this website and provides a list of cookies that we use. The website is regularly checked to make the list as accurate as possible. It is important to note that by using this website, you are agreeing that Your computer/device is subject to having described cookies for the aim of achieving stated purposes.

Name Provider Purpose Type Duration


_at.hist.# Used by AddThis, a social platform for sharing, to store user history of using widgets. HTML Permanent

_ga Registers a unique identifier used for generating statistical data on how a visitor uses a web-location. HTTP 2 years
_gat Used by Google Analytics to decrease the number of requests. HTTP 1 day

_gid Registers a unique identifier used for generating statistical data on how a visitor uses a web-location. HTTP 1 day

collect Used for sending data to Google Analytics on the visitor’s device and behaviour. Tracks the visitor through devices. Pixel 1 session

pll_language Determines a preferred language by website visitors and if possible, changes the website language accordingly. HTTP 1 year


_atuvc Updates the counter that tracks the functionality of a website for content sharing. HTTP 13 months

_at.cww Ensures that the updated counter shows the user if the content is being shared by using the sharing service AddThis. HTTP 1 day


at-rand Used by the content sharing service AddThis. HTML Permanent

loc Used for geolocation in order for  service providers to determine the geographical location (at country level) of users that share HTTP contents mutually. HTTP 13 months

NID Registers a unique identifier in order to identify a user device that is visiting a certain website again. The identifier is used for targeted advertising. HTTP 6 months

r/collect Used for sending data to Google analytics on the user’s device and behaviour. It tracks the user via the device and marketing channels. Pixel 1 session


rc::d-15# They are used in the context of video ads in a manner of limiting the number of displays of the same content. They are also used to ensure the relevancy of video-adds for an individual user. HTML Permanent


cc::c They are used in the context of video ads in a manner of limiting the number of displays of the same content. They are also used to ensure the relevancy of video-adds for an individual user. HTML 1 session
uvc Determines how often a content sharing service AddThis encounters the same user. HTTP 13 months
xtc Registers the user’s content sharing via social media. HTTP 13 months

Managing cookies

Most browsers enable You to refuse or accept using cookies, as well as deleting them. Ways of doing this differ in certain browsers and versions of those browsers, but the actual information on blocking or deleting cookies can be found in the following links.

Google Chrome;

Mozilla Firefox;


Internet Explore;

Safari and

Microsoft edge.

Keep in mind that blocking all cookies will have a negative effect on the availability of most websites. Thus, if you block all cookies, you may not be able to use all functionalities on this website.

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