How to successfully present products in B2B ecommerce – II. part

B2B products in ecommerce have to be accompanied by detailed information that will interest the buyer. A buyer makes the decision to buy or not based on this information. Still, like we said before, research has shown that even 46% of ecommerce stores offer insufficient details on their products. It obviously affects the number of page views significantly.

Last week we talked about the best ways to present products in a B2B web shop and in today’s second part of the blog, we bring you more useful advice for B2B web shop owners. How exactly can they help you? A well-presented product automatically means more buyers and subsequently a bigger turnover and income in the ecommerce market.

It’s not important to just have information on products – you have to know how to present them.

A good B2B ecommerce store not only shows information on available products, but it also presents them in the right way. Research has shown that this issue is extremely important to clients and buyers. Here’s why:

  • 64% of ecommerce web shops provides users with a comparison of available products exactly because of inconsistent data shown in product descriptions
  • 50% of ecommerce web shops uses too long product descriptions (2 to 5 lines of text full of technical specifications) which makes the information on product features unreadable
  • 76% of ecommerce web shops neglects the rules of gradually revealing information on products. All their B2B products come with the same amount on information on the available products list. Instead, a B2B web shop should be designed so that it gradually displays more information on products, for which the client has expressed more interest.

Research has shown that these are the three main reasons why buyers leave a certain B2B web shop. When their combined effect on the online shopping experience is analysed, the feedback from buyers is even worse. Vague B2B products hinder buyers’ search and the decision which product to inspect more closely.

Are you interested in how to provide B2B clients a simpler product search in B2B ecommerce? These advices can help you.

b2b ecommerce erp integration

Avoid “quick view”

During the last couple of years, the option of “quick view” has become incredibly popular in ecommerce. 48% of ecommerce stores that are on the top 50 list in the USA, offer this option to their B2B buyers.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that B2B products will have a better presentation thanks to “quick view”. However, research has proved that the “quick view” option for a B2B product can affect the functionality of a web shop. Moreover, it’s recommendable to avoid this type of product view in a B2B web shop.

B2B clients want consistent information on products

A qualitative products list description in a B2B web shop contains accurate and detailed information. This means, first of all, that the main characteristics of a product should be highlighted, i.e. its key features. Research among B2B ecommerce stores has shown that buyers often simply skip a certain product if they can’t see characteristics they are looking for at first sight. Particularly, if a certain product feature isn’t highlighted on the main list, the buyer simply concludes that it doesn’t exist. So, it’s extremely important to display the same information on the same product everywhere in a B2B ecommerce store.

If the information on the same product differ in particular parts of a B2B web shop, the buyer could easily disregard a product that suits him/her by all criteria.

Viewable information makes products more clear

Research has shown that almost 50% of B2B ecommerce stores doesn’t separate information on specific features of products but rather display them in one, often too long text. B2B products have to be clear, visible and understandable for buyers. All this affects creating a positive buying experience in B2B ecommerce. One of the ways to achieve that is to provide clients with clear and visible information on available products. What does that mean?

b2b ecommerce erp integration

Nobody wants to read too long descriptions full of technical specifications where you can easily “get lost”. When making a quality product description, it’s necessary to visually separate product specifications, and the description itself split into smaller “theme parts”.  Its easier for a buyer to then differ information and compare them with other product descriptions.

Gradually reveal product information

Presenting products in B2B ecommerce is first of all a question of “dosing” information in order to try to draw clients in. On one hand, B2B products have to have all the information that are necessary for a client to make the decision to buy. On the other hand, information on products has to be viewable for the client to be able to compare them easily. For this to happen, the right amount of information has to be displayed. Consider that too much or too little information can have a negative effect on the process of buying.

How to achieve that then? With the help of the “additional product information” option which appears in B2B ecommerce, the buyer can just hover with the mouse arrow over the product that he/she is interested in. So they waste less time on products they are not interested in and get to those they plan on buying quicker. This has a proven effect on the success of ecommerce purchase.

Obviously, this option of viewing products goes in favour of B2B companies and its clients. However, this option was implemented by only 24% of B2B ecommerce stores.


Advice on good ways of presenting products in B2B ecommerce can be reduced to the following:

First of all, the list of available products in a B2B web shop has to contain all of the key information. They are: the price, product icon, the title and the type of product, available product options and buyers’ reviews. Additionally, it is very important to show also the specific features that B2B products have in the most qualitative way possible.

Yes, when it comes to efficiently presenting products, a B2B ecommerce store is very demanding.

Interested in the simplest way of doing it? Contact us today so we could present you with the best solutions for pleased online buyers and a successful web shop.