You are interested in B2B ecommerce sales? – here’s what to expect

A number of owners of B2B companies still think that B2B ecommerce sales just isn’t for them. They believe that their business doesn’t fit in ecommerce and that advisory sales, whose focus is on the individual approach to a client, is too complex for the online market. Well guess what, they are wrong!

B2B companies that don’t welcome ecommerce loose large potential earnings and income. It’s a fact that buyers today first do an online search of your products, and then contact the sales representative. This rule regards to all types of business. Even the biggest ecommerce sceptics have been disabused by the Uber example. Many thought that digital technology couldn’t be applied to taxis, didn’t they? They were very wrong.

OK, B2B companies do have a very complex selling cycle which presents a challenge in ecommerce, but also great potential. B2B ecommerce sales is harder but not impossible. Therefore, instead of thinking about how too complex it is and that it just won’t work, think of it as a tool for creating a positive shopping experience. For the existing and for potential new buyers.

B2B ecommerce sales increase the efficacy of the sales team

Despite the general opinion in conservative markets such as the Croatian one, B2B ecommerce sales doesn’t mean the beginning of the end for the sales team. Yes, investing in ecommerce doesn’t mean “declaring war” to traditional sales.

The truth is very simple. Ecommerce isn’t an alternative to traditional sales. It is a modern and truly necessary tool that helps you strengthen existing sales channels, increase their effectiveness and raise your sales to a higher level.

The internet and B2B sales

According to recent research, 81% of buyers search for offers on the internet before deciding to buy. In B2B sales, even 94% of buyers do this type of preliminary offer researches. Yes, the internet has created a very competitive atmosphere for B2B companies.

ecommerce for nav

Today it is easier than ever to write a word in Google or Amazon search bar and quickly find products that you haven’t used before or suppliers you haven’t worked with. Yes, it significantly affects the traditional sales channels and simultaneously presents a great opportunity for developing business. How?

When successfully implemented and completely integrated with business, B2B ecommerce sales strengthens existing sales channels through a simpler and faster entrance into new markets and attracting new clients.

What about marketing activities?

The internet combined with a rising number of mobile phone users has the biggest effect on the digitalization of marketing and sales. Salespeople today have the possibility to link with their buyers wherever they may be. This is great news for manufacturers and suppliers, especially the ones that work with complex products. Why? Quality product presentation and all its advantages and functionalities require a lot of information.

Here’s exactly where B2B ecommerce steps in. The internet is an excellent platform for video materials, guides and instructions on use, research and specialized blogs. All this material helps buyers to recognize the value of products and to make the decision to buy easier. And if you add B2B ecommerce in the mix, you get an easier and quicker access to geographically distant markets that are hard to reach through classical sales routes.

How does B2B ecommerce affect sales?

B2B ecommerce sales has proven its cost-effectiveness many times over. In fact, it has been doing it for the last ten years, but it’s good to remind ourselves of some of the best examples. One of them is Amazon which was a synonym for selling books and music ten years ago. Today, Amazon is a multinational company that sells literally everything! As a true ecommerce powerhouse and a sort of an institution in its own rights, Amazon offers millions of products. Many of them seemed unsuitable with online sales.

Exactly because of these advantages that B2B ecommerce sales brings, many B2B companies have already expanded their business to the “online channel”. By doing that, they secured themselves a much better market position compared to pretty strong and merciless competition. B2B companies that haven’t yet done it, still have time.

However, they have to be aware that delaying the digitalization of B2B business significantly affects their share in the market and the competitiveness of the company. Ecommerce transformation of B2B sales has become an inevitable trend. Then why not choose the appropriate platform that will help raise your business to a new level today?

You need examples?

Everyone who is doing sales likes to see numbers as proof the most, don’t they? These two examples are good indicators of how much B2B ecommerce sales is important for good sales results. An American company in the metal industry MSC Industrial Supply, that has been present on the market for almost 80 years, today makes more than 60% of its sales exactly via ecommerce. Its competitor, Grainiger Industrial Supply, makes 40% of its sales on the online market. B2B ecommerce is a proven excellent tool for even better sales results.

If you want to offer your products via B2B ecommerce, contact us for more information and learn everything on the latest software solutions that will help you.