What is a B2B web shop and why to have one?

Did you know that by 2021 the number of online buyers will increase to almost 2.2 billion people? If you are into sales and still don’t have a web shop, it’s time you ask yourselves how much potential profit have you lost because of it. Todays’ buyers are looking for a simple way of buying and they expect products to be available at any time. B2B web shop offers exactly that.

Regardless of the type of sales you are doing, if your products are not available also in the online store, you lose potential profits without even being aware of it. Without online sales you are always one step behind and simply can’t compete with your competitors. Why? The answer is simple – an online shop helps you achieve greater profits with less costs.

If by now we have peaked your interest about starting a web shop, here are some fundamentals that you should know.

B2B web shop

B2B eCommerce – web shop in wholesale

B2B eCommerce is an online business, i.e. online store where one business subject sells services or products to another business subject. In simpler terms, we could say that B2B web is a „company to company“ online business. The base for this type of business is a web shop and all payments are done via transfer orders, i.e. from one account to another.

With this type of business, buyers mostly have contracts with the sellers. That contract defines all sales conditions such as prices, payment methods, delivery dates or discounts. Although that isn’t necessarily so.

B2B web shop enables one-time purchases to clients who don’t have contracts with these special conditions. B2B sellers are most often distributors or traders with regular clients which are usually companies that deliver products to end users.

B2B web shop saves your time and money

A satisfied customer is the best possible advertisement you can have which is exactly what B2B eCommerce web shop in wholesale can help you with. How? B2B eCommerce is constructed in a way that enables your customers to easily find products they want to buy, anytime, anywhere.

B2B web shop

The advantage of having a B2B web shop is that each one of your clients has a special space inside your web shop where you can simply negotiate terms of sale. That means that each client can see prices which were set according to contracted rebate policies or hide certain products from partners that don’t have the exclusive.

Buyers can access any information they are interested in at any time, such as terms and conditions, clearly defined price lists according to product categories, information on quantities, payment and delivery dates. Furthermore, they can track the whole process from issuing the order to the shipping note, the bill and payment. This results in greater satisfaction for your customers, and time and money savings for you.

B2B web shop

A web shop in wholesale is a better representative of your products

Forget about promo materials or printing catalogues. All you need for a good promotion of your products in B2B eCommerce are quality photos and clear descriptions. Clients can download your catalogues in PDF and can be easily notified on prices and discounts.

One of the biggest advantages of having a web shop in wholesale is that it enables simpler access to all pertaining documentation. Since documents are available to clients at all times, forgetting to send a certification or instructions for a certain product is something that surely will never happen.

By simply releasing all documentation with each product in your web shop, purchasing becomes simple and transparent.

If you want to offer your products via B2B eCommerce, contact us for more information and learn everything about the latest software solutions that could help you.