Top 6 B2B ecommerce advantages that come from online wholesale

Regardless if you are well acquainted with online wholesale or you are new to the ecommerce world, surely you have quickly realised all the advantages that B2B ecommerce provides. But, are you aware of all the ways a web shop in wholesale can actually help your business and what are its benefits?

If your clients have already shown you that they expect you to expand your business also to the online market, then it is high time to learn about the top 6 B2B ecommerce benefits that the digital transformation of sales provides.

 #1 A B2B web shop creates more business opportunities

Online wholesale helps you to strengthen your “online position”, because your clients and buyers will reach you more easily through internet search engines owing to a B2B web shop. The simplest way to draw attention of B2B clients is with the help of content marketing and personalized advertising.

A personalized offer is adjusted to the needs of each particular buyer and is proven to attract clients and increase the engagement rate. All this leads to better sales results and increased sales income.

To create a personalized offer, you have to know the habits and behaviours of your clients. What differentiates your clients from each other, what do they buy the most and how often or what kind of content do they consider to be the most useful? Answers to all these questions are your guidelines for creating an interesting offer they simply won’t be able to refuse.

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#2 B2B ecommerce brings the best sales results

Attracting a bigger number of clients increases your sales, however that isn’t the only way online wholesale brings better business results. One of the biggest B2B ecommerce advantages is client satisfaction, which is why they become your loyal clients.

Online wholesale can become a powerful tool for providing a unique shopping experience. How to achieve that? With the help of an integrated B2B ecommerce system that tracks the behaviour of your clients, offers them related products where they are clearly visible and even alternative products if requested ones aren’t available.

In an integrated B2B ecommerce, buyers can add comments with orders and have the option of using live chat. Using these B2B ecommerce advantages you can give answer to clients immediately, to any questions they might have and understand their needs and wishes more easily.

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#3 You are reducing business costs

Increasing income from sales while reducing business costs simultaneously? Yes, we know this must sound a bit unlikely, but that is exactly one of B2B ecommerce advantages. And here’s how. The main goal of B2B ecommerce is to enable your clients a quicker and easier search for products they want to buy. Wherever they are and whenever they want.

Each client gets a special space where you arrange the terms of the sale. This means that you can show each client prices according to rebate policies or hide certain products from partners that don’t have the exclusive.

Thanks to a B2B web shop, clients can access information they are interested in at any moment; clearly defined price lists according to product categories, business terms, information on arranged quantities or delivery dates.

An additional bonus is that they can track the whole delivery process themselves very simply and get accurate and prompt information regarding their order at any time. What is the result of this unique offer? You have saved time and money, and your clients are much happier.

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#4 You get client feedback

Owing to a positive online shopping experience in an integrated B2B ecommerce, clients quickly realise its benefits and become loyal online buyers. Client satisfaction and a positive review are the best advertisement. Much better than any form of a promo text.

That is why a pleased client whom you have provided a positive shopping experience in B2B ecommerce, can become your promotor that will recommend you to other potential buyers. There is no need for an extra explanation how this affect reflects your sales results.

#5 Expand your business to new markets

We have already mentioned how online wholesale in a B2B web shop can help you reach a higher number of clients. But it is important to emphasize here that those clients don’t necessarily have to be from the market you are already doing business in, but also from completely new ones.

Another one of B2B ecommerce advantages is that in online sales you don’t have to rely on your sales team. Your digital sales channel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Precisely because of removing the time difference obstacle between particular markets, B2B ecommerce simplifies the whole ordering and buying process and connects clients and suppliers from all over the world.

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#6 B2B ecommerce provides accurate and prompt data

One of the most significant advantages of B2B ecommerce is the automatization of the sales process in which you get an insight into specific data important for your sales and marketing. This is especially obvious with an integrated B2B ecommerce system that uses your existing data and business logic from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

MD NAV is an ERP system integrated with other Microsoft tools – Outlook, Office 365, Sharepoint, CRM, Power BU, et al. These systems are the basis for B2B ecommerce. You can manage all data regarding your business in one place by using this system. The production process, information on the condition of the inventory, storage and delivery or communication with clients – all this becomes much simpler.

So, with the integrated B2B ecommerce you get a 100% accurate data in two business systems, and your clients get a unique experience of ordering via eCommerce. That way you are actually expanding business while having lower administrative and maintenance costs, and without increasing the sales team.

You are ready for the digitalization of your sales after realising the main benefits of a B2B web shop? If You also want to offer your products via B2B ecommerce, contact us for more information and learn everything on the latest software solutions that will help you.