How to create a successful ecommerce team?

You have realised how important a web shop is for your sales and you have finally invested in B2B ecommerce. Regarding all the possibilities it brings, of course you have big plans and ambitions. But also, ecommerce means a lot of extra work with your sales team which has no experience with it.

For a successful ecommerce team, you need to define some key elements. Who is responsible for creating the offer and the content in a web shop? Who is going to be responsible for sales results on the online market? Should you hire a whole new ecommerce team or simply implement new ecommerce rules to the existing sales team?

These questions have been bothering more or less everyone who dares to take this step and enter the B2B ecommerce market. That is precisely why we bring you some advice that will surely help you assign the right people to the right positions and start a successful web shop.

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A successful ecommerce team – where to start?

Every web shop needs a good manager. Ecommerce inventory, prices, marketing and web shop sales – all issues that an ecommerce manager will define. That’s why it is important to choose the right person from your sales team that will completely focus on ecommerce.

If you have a smaller company, you don’t necessarily have to have a complete ecommerce team or even someone permanently assigned to work regarding the web shop. It’s sufficient to assign one person for all issues regarding ecommerce, because you know what they say – when everyone is responsible, no one is responsible.

Let’s call this person an ecommerce manager. This is a person with the appropriate knowledge and a skill set for managing your online sales. An ecommerce manager knows the online market well and that’s why he is constantly progressing and developing, improving his knowledge. In ideal circumstances, this person will also have the experience of managing business changes.

Why? All changes in business, ones that ecommerce will surely bring, can sometimes encounter a lack of understanding from a part of your sales team. It is therefore important to acquaint all the departments and employees with all the advantages that B2B ecommerce brings, on time.

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What are the responsibilities as an ecommerce manager?

Although there are certain differences depending on the type of business you are doing, all ecommerce managers have some responsibilities. They oversee the performance of the ecommerce team and other departments or employees whose work is also affected by ecommerce. Their job also entails overseeing all issues related to suppliers and on the other hand, caring for communicating with online buyers. Those responsibilities include;

  • Supervision and optimization of online sales results
  • Defining and implementing the ecommerce strategy, and managing the department and employees involved in online marketing and content marketing
  • Setting a budget for the ecommerce sales channel
  • Writing reports for higher management
  • Coordinating and managing the members of the ecommerce team
  • Getting and analysing feedback from clients that buy via ecommerce
  • Managing communication and services related to ecommerce

Although ecommerce managers may not be directly involved in the sales process, their job is essential for a successful ecommerce team and good results from online sales. Why? Their knowledge and experience can help you in adjusting your business value and products to suit the B2B ecommerce market.

Which departments and positions should you include in B2B ecommerce business?

Ecommerce, especially B2B ecommerce, brings a very demanding business strategy for the whole company. Not only should all departments from your company be included in B2B ecommerce, but all of them could have great benefits from the web shop.

The most successful B2B ecommerce companies completely comprehend the affect that online sales have on each of its departments and the way each of the departments can contribute to the success of the web shop.

Clients’ data and feedback form online sales are used to improve the marketing campaign and with the help of the web shop, they reduce the amount of pressure placed on the user support teams. With a successful ecommerce team and a clear vision for online sales, B2B ecommerce really does generate success in each department of your company.

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What is the biggest challenge brought by B2B ecommerce and how to tackle it?

Although many B2B companies don’t share this opinion, the biggest challenge that B2B ecommerce faces is not finding and hiring the right people with necessary knowledge and competencies. One of the most common problems that companies face is that higher management doesn’t pay the appropriate attention and significance to ecommerce.

Ecommerce has to be a strategic priority at the level of the whole business organization with ensured budgets. Only once these priority questions are answered, the company can start looking for the right people for its ecommerce team. Thereat, pay attention to candidates not only having good qualifications but also references that guarantee thy will “fit” well into the value system of your company and a successful ecommerce team.

The level of education is actually not that important here. You need people that understand sales and the online market, who are fast learners, who can adjust to changes and who know how to conduct necessary changes in business. By using this approach, you are significantly increasing the possibility of success in the ecommerce market.

b2b ecommerce navision integration

Are you ready for the digital transformation of your business?

B2B ecommerce brings good sales results and income increase if you simply give it the attention it requires. Of course, the whole process becomes much simpler if your entrance to the online market is done with the help of an integrated ecommerce platform which immediately guarantees pleased users and better sales results.

You need extra advice on how to start a successful B2B web shop and what are the expectations of B2B buyers? Then be sure to read our blogs which give answers to these questions.

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