Which B2B eCommerce trends will mark 2019?

Like in any other market, trends in B2B ecommerce change depending on clients’ demands. The use of mobile hones had the biggest influence in ecommerce in 2018. Last year’s total number of realized sales, as a result of searching for offers on mobile phones, grew to a 55%.

According to some predictions, turnover from sales made by using mobile phones on a global scale will be a staggering 175,4 billion dollars by the year 2022.

At the same time, clients have become more demanding. Today almost 40% of buyers expect from the biggest brands and suppliers to have the option of delivery in the same day when the order was made. Other current ecommerce trends are linked with trends in web design, which will very much affect the development of online market in 2019.

The question is then how to keep up with the latest market trends? You need web shop advice for better results in sales? These B2B ecommerce trends will surely mark the year 2019.


1. A more intensive communication with clients

B2B ecommerce trends in 2019 all revolve around the issue of making a client/buyer more satisfied. That’s why one of the major issues this year will be finding ways to initiate and maintain a qualitative communication with clients. The owners of B2B web shops often forget that client experience consists of everything before, during but also after the purchase. Thus, it is extremely important to communicate with clients throughout the whole process.

Advice? Learn to estimate the best time to initiate communication with potential buyers so you could better influence their shopping experience. Regarding existing clients, the key factor is maintaining communication from which you get their feedback. That way you can provide them with an even better shopping experience in the future.

2. Using Chatbot

Although they are relatively new on the ecommerce market, according to some predictions, chatbots i.e. virtual assistants will make up for 25% of total support in online sales on a global scale, by the year 2020. Why?

The answer is simple. Buyers want answers immediately. If they don’t get them, they won’t hesitate to look for other sellers very quickly. There are a lot of other important issues in B2B ecommerce and that’s why it is often difficult to “cover” all of them within a time frame suitable for clients.

These virtual assistants in sales are becoming smarter which means that they can analyze and sort out the most common client questions for you. But also, by using information on clients, chatbots can create an even more pleasant online shopping experience.

3. Video content

Today’s buyers spend a lot more time watching video content which especially affected trends in online sales. A video can make a product more personal and engage the client even more.

b2b ecommerce erp

This should be utilized as much as possible in a B2B web shop. How? Video content can be uploaded to many more spots than just the main page of a B2B ecommerce store. Detailed product descriptions, instructions on how to use, user feedback – all of these can be implemented in the video. This will surely attract more attention and communication with clients.

4. Voice search

The main B2B ecommerce trends are directed into creating a positive online shopping experience. An important element of it is the mere process of ordering products and services in the web shop.

Selling online is set up in way to make purchasing easier and quicker and having the option of using a voice search is a great tool for that.

In ecommerce today, voice search makes up for only 20% of general product and services search. Predictions say that it will grow to 50% by the year 2020. To make the online voice search experience better for your clients, focus on key words long-tail. This is also a great opportunity to optimize your products and services descriptions.

b2b ecommerce navision integration

5. Product personalization

Research has shown da even 43% of consumers choose companies that personalize their shopping experience. Looking for an example?

If a client searches for terms related to Microsoft products, offer him/her products based on Microsoft technologies, discount prices or feedback from clients who are already using them, next time they visit the web shop. These are all powerful tools for attracting and keeping buyers.

6. Paying online

One of the trends that will surely change ecommerce as we know it today is the W3C standard in web applications development, which makes the process of paying much simpler. Buyers hate filling out payment forms, especially when purchasing on their mobile phones.

From a buyer’s perspective, it doesn’t actually make sense to endlessly fill out forms with the same information. If stored information like addresses or card numbers can be used in just a few clicks when ordering again, it makes shopping much easier and quicker.

7. Multilingual web shop

B2B ecommerce trends in 2019 include also a diverse approach to clients in this big market. The option to pay in various currencies and in different methods will surely attract a bigger number of clients.

Web shops need to be adjusted to the fact that B2B ecommerce buyers come from all over the world which is why multilingualism is necessary in ecommerce today. Trust us, nobody wants to use Google Translate to understand your services or anything about a certain product.

8. Quicker and simpler ecommerce service

More and more B2B ecommerce salespeople are backing out of complex and fairly expensive solutions for online sales and are turning towards simpler ones with a greater potential for growth and development.

A trend that will definitely mark the year 2019 is ecommerce solutions which enable better control and efficiency in sales with less need for support from web developers. This way, B2B sellers create optimal conditions for online business development and attracting a greater number of buyers to the web shop.

All these trends have one thing in common; they make the experience on shopping online simpler and more pleasant. The reason for that is very simple. Ecommerce buyers have high expectations and little patience.

They demand more information on a product before they make the decision to buy and the online shopping experience which completely fulfills their needs. Enabling that will definitely put you in front of your competitors in 2019.

You are interested in what is the simplest way to do it? Contact us today to be presented with the best solutions for satisfied online buyers and a successful B2B web shop.