B2B ecommerce advice; how to create a good personalized B2B offer?

Content marketing and personalized advertising are proven and efficient ways of attracting new and keeping existing clients in online sales. This rule also applies to B2B ecommerce.

First we have to explain what is actually a personalized offer. It means adjusting your offer or assortment of products to your buyers’ needs.

You need B2B ecommerce advice on what can a personalized offer followed by quality content do for your sales? It draws buyers in to actually read the offered content themselves, instead of just “glancing over” the link. Also, a good content increases the engagement rate and your income.

That’s why in the last few years B2B companies have been investing more time and effort in forming a good marketing strategy whose focus is quality content. But what is actually happening?

Companies are beginning to work on content marketing with the hope that it will bring them faster and better return on their investment. Instead they get rather unclear results. Why? Well, there is a need for caution when implementing that kind of strategy. If you personalize too much content in the wrong sales channel, towards a wrong kind of audience or at a wrong time, you could actually turn your clients away. How can you be sure then that your strategy of creating a personalized content in B2B ecommerce will be good enough and give results? Therefore, you should ask yourself these three questions;

1.What are the behaviours and habits of your clients?

Our B2B ecommerce advice on creating a quality B2B content will help you to not only keep existing, but also attract new clients. And when it comes to clients, one of the most important issues is segmentation.  Namely, precisely the segments you define and the positioning of your clients within them will determine how efficient will your content be.

What exactly does this refer to? Research as much information on your clients as possible and research what makes them different from each other. How often do they buy and what? If you are aware of what your clients want, it will be easier for you to understand what kind of content they consider useful.

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It is much easier to do these kinds of analyses in an integrated B2B ecommerce, because the system helps you to track your clients’ behaviour and offer them related products in a visible space, and even alternative products if requested ones aren’t available.

Further, they also have an option of adding comments with orders and a Live chat. You can answer any questions they might have in a direct communication, in the shortest amount of time. All this information helps you to understand the needs and wishes of your buyers.

However, it is important to show your clients the content they want to see, not just the one you want to show. By using this approach, you will surely offer potential buyers a content that will affect them the most.

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2.How much personalized content do we need?

A quality web shop possesses the right amount of personalized content. What does that mean? Many B2B ecommerce advice deal with this question – how much personalized content is actually too much?

In B2B ecommerce you don’t have to really worry yourself with this question, because everything here should be personalized. And what does that mean? During registration, a buyer sees only his products, i.e. the ones he is interested and the ones that could interest him.

A quality integrated B2B web shop will also show client’s personal discounts and even product displays differ from client to client. Depending on the buyer, various discounts and banners are also personalised.

That way, every client gets a completely personalized online shopping experience which makes choosing products easier and at the same time, directs the client to other products that could also be of interest. Results are simpler and more efficient online shopping and a pleased client.

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3.How to raise the service that clients get to a higher level?

In order to set up a quality B2B web shop, focused on the buyer, it is extremely important to ask this question. B2B ecommerce advice revolves around keeping in mind problems that your clients commonly face.

Think of it like this. Your B2B buyers are contracted partners who you are already cooperating with and who order products from you via e-mail or phone. By opening a B2B web shop, you are giving them a kind of an insight into your inventory. What does that mean in effect?

Let’s say you are a distributer or a manufacturer and buyers resell your products. If you also offer them a quick delivery with your products, they no longer have the need to “pile up” supplies to be sure that they will have requested products at any given time. With the help of a B2B web shop, they process their clients’ orders using data from your inventory. This is one of the main advantages of an integrated B2B ecommerce.

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Also, in an integrated ecommerce it is not possible for buyers to make a new order not knowingly, at a time when there are still undelivered orders, because they have an overview of all orders, including bids, open and closed orders. That way, your client gets a completely personalized service on a completely new level.

But you shouldn’t stop there. Once you have found a successful tactic for creating a personalized offer, you still have to analyse it, adjust it in effect and constantly improve. Regardless if results of content marketing and a personalized offer have exceeded your expectations, you can always do better. That is the only way to stand out among competition and to create a network of pleased clients.

You are looking for a quality ecommerce platform that will simplify the whole process? Contact us today to be presented with the best solutions for pleased online buyers and a successful B2B web shop.