Increase the conversion rate using lead segmentation

Lead is the first step in the sales process which is why it has a very important role in it. Successful lead management is key for sales, because it increases the number of buyers and decreases marketing costs. Namely, through the process of getting better acquainted with the needs and wishes of potential buyers, you can create a personalized offer easily, at the right time for the right leads.

That way simultaneously, the conversion rate of buyers is also growing. That’s exactly why, more and more companies are taking B2B marketing activities that regard segmentation and managing leads seriously.

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How to segment leads?

There are several ways to segment leads. Depending on your products and services, you can do it based on demographic and geographic data or those related to a particular market. You can, for example, group leads from Croatia, with a special subcategory of B2B ecommerce companies that use the Misrosoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Furthermore, you can do it with the help of information on their behaviour habits like the type of content that drew them in earlier. For example, a potential client who examines price lists of products twice a day is more interested in buying. On the other hand, if a page visitor is reading about the benefits on an integrated B2B ecommerce system, he is most likely looking for a similar solution for sales.

These are all simple and practical methods of segmentation, targeting and qualitative lead management.

B2B marketing Hecta B2B ecommerce system

Segmentation based on needs for leads

If you know what web page visitors want, i.e. what kind of a problem they have, you can create a personalized approach to manage leads for different categories of their needs. Once you enable them to efficiently solve their problems, users easily go through the sales funnel and become buyers.

At the same time, if you know what your potential buyers need, you have the opportunity to quickly and simply separate your company and product offer from the competition and stand out as the right solution. Still, this whole process is often quite a challenge for B2B eCommerce companies. That’s why we give you advice that will help you get your B2B marketing skills to a new level and learn how to qualitatively manage and segment leads.

Define problems and needs of potential buyers

In order to start the segmentation process and managing leads based on their needs and problems, you have to collect all the necessary data. One of the ways to do it is by analysing a representative sample of leads. Also, you can add new content to the landing page for that purpose, like a questionnaire, an online savings calculator, etc. But, consider that it doesn’t affect the conversion rate of the landing page.

Thereby, also consider that a part of the leads doesn’t know it has a problem that your product or service can solve. So, one of the key B2B marketing advices is to be cautious when choosing the right words too communicate.

For example, instead of saying ‘problem’, use the word ‘challenge’, because a big part of them doesn’t want to admit to having a problem even when being aware of it. When you arrange the content of this extra window on the landing page, start with promoting the page, gathering data and creating new leads and conversions.

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Analyse the main topics and key lead needs

Once you have adjusted the form of the landing page for gathering data on lead needs and problems, leave enough time for the additional information to reach you. When reading the given answers, you will soon realize which topics are the most common, i.e. which problems and challenges they most often face.

Take ten to fifteen of the most common topics and categorize the given information accordingly. Once you have categorized all the information, sort out which areas have the highest number of visitors. This information will help you in defining the final list of ‘needs’ and ‘challenges’ that leads have, which will help you create a drop-down list for the landing page.

Creating a drop-down list for the landing page

After you have finished the data analyses and determined the main topics that interest your leads, it is time to create a drop-down list which will be included in the landing page. Be sure to consider that the number of available options for a drop-down list doesn’t affect the conversion rate. How to avoid such a scenario? By testing this new content on the page, until you get satisfactory results.

Simply put, with the help of such a list, your leads can choose specific ‘challenges’ and ‘needs’ that best fit their situation, which is the main goal of these B2B marketing activities.

B2B marketing Hecta B2B eCommerce system

Segmenting leads according to their needs

Once you have defined an ideal form of the drop-down list, you can start with segmenting leads based on their needs. You can use additional variables thereat, related to a certain category.

For example, big and small companies in the B2B sector have the same needs regarding entrepreneurship leads. Still, you will surely want to divide them into two separate categories according to which you will send two different specially adjusted contents.

With the help of this information you can create specific lists for managing leads based on their needs, customer persona and the position in the sales funnel. As a result, you get the possibility of sending the content specially adjusted to various leads’ interests which increases the CTR percentage and the efficiency of a B2B marketing campaign.

When you offer potential buyers the right content at the right time as an answer to their needs, you have now drawn them into the buying process in the future. Still, before you implement this additional segmentation strategy, be sure to analyse the conversion of leads to buyers. That way you will have clear indicators of success of this new approach in turning potential buyers into pleased B2B clients.

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